Lacing Up: Why I started running

Months I have wanted to start this blog, but I did not know where to start. I could have just jumped in and told you about the 10K in Queens I ran last weekend, but when you first take up running you don’t dive into a race right away. I could have told you about all the gear I have been reviewing and how I loved all 15 miles with my new fuel, but you don’t start collecting that when you start either. I decided I was going to tell you about a miserable dehydrated run I had on Sunday, but who wants to know about the bad. Just like with running, I am going to start by putting my shoes on.


Often when I tell the story of how I started running I tell how I decided to sign up for my first 5k at the Philadelphia Zoo, but there is really more of a backstory than that. I was an average runner with a decent sprint, three sport athlete in high school and college, never really focusing on distance other than lasting a field hockey game. My Junior year of college I started running to stay in shape, I wanted it to be my best year in hockey, so every morning I set out. I had no goal, other than to keep above 5 miles an hour, and no distance goal other than further than last week. And I ran EVERY SINGLE DAY, up to seven miles by the end of the summer. I lost weight, I got toned, I LOOKED HELLA GOOD. At my first day of Preseason my friends knew that I was the crazy runner who clogged up their news feeds every morning, and no distance my coach threw at us scared me, because I already did it.

I started running for field hockey, to stay in shape, to be my best, but it made me fearless. Running gave me courage I never knew I had, I knew I could push myself to my limit and be fine. Soon my overall self-image improved, I started doing things that I would never have been able to do without someone telling me it was okay. I developed my strong and confident personality that I pride myself so much on today.

That is where my first race came in. Two years after the first day I started running I was walking across the stage of my college graduation. Four years of college sports behind me, and loads of competition still left in me. I was looking for a way to spend time with my best friend one weekend and came across a 5k at a zoo. We are both 7 years old on the inside so I signed us up, and I was hooked.

Only one smiling during a 10 mile run (119)

It was the competition, passing people, flying down the sidewalk, being out of breath a mile and a half in. I think I smiled the entire 29 minutes. That’s what keeps me running.

I started running for hockey, every day I lace up my Nikes and run for no other selfish reason but for myself.  This is who I am a run crazed, dedicated confident person who just loves to run.

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