Achilles Hope & Possibility: 4 Mile review

That’s a Finish Line!

As I boarded the 6:03 train at Hamilton station, sun rising over the tracks, I couldn’t help but think “this is a perfect day to run!” But what if running was not as easy as it is now. What if I had something holding me back? Today’s race celebrated those who wake up with that realization everyday, maybe there running involves a wheel chair, or a guide. Today we celebrated those who make running incredible.

Pre Race notes:

Every weekend in June I’ve been up to New York City for the 9+1 marathon qualifying program, I’ve finally reached number 7!!! Only 2 more left! I’m so excited to finally have my NYC adventures be over for a bit and be able to sleep in both days before marathon training picks up in 36 days.
Today’s race, Achilles Hope and Possibilities 4 miles, is specifically catering to those with disabilities. I love the dedication of people who push themselves that much harder to do what they love.

Post race notes:
What a great day for a 4 miler!! The Achilles Hope and Possibility race kicked off seamlessly! I got to the city at 7:30 walked about 2 miles to bib pickup. I always wonder if I should do this, is it taxing my body or is it helping me? The world may never know. Then I hung out briefly until the start at 9am.

For those of you that have never run Central Park I do not want you to think it is flat! There are several “rolling hills” that will destroy any pace you have, and they always seem to come out of nowhere. Today I encountered one of these hills and considered walking up it. Then I looked to my right, a girl was running with a guide for seeing. Why was I going to give up when this girl was not giving up, she may not have even be able to see the hill in front of her and she was taking it easily. Because of this I pushed on and concurred that hill.  The race buddy/ guide program for this race really inspired me. Does anyone know what qualifications you need to be a guide? It is something I would like to look into for the future.


The race was was hot, like really hot. I don’t hydrate on course because I’m always so worried about my time, but today I really considered it. Crossed the finish line in 34:16 a bit slower than I wanted, I was aiming for 30 flat, but well, summer happens.
Super awesome New York Road Runners race yet again. I love supporting them because of how put together their races are.


Post post race:
New York Road Runners had a raffle for this race, no I didn’t win the Yankees tickets (sad face). After the race walking back I met Christian, a fellow Jerseyin who is also hoping for a NYC marathon bib in 2017. He is super dedicated and offered great conversation about running, times, and how awesome clear drawstring backpacks are.
Plans fell through with brunch with my friends, again. But alas there was a street fair on 6th Ave. They had anything you wanted from sports bras to psychics, and gyros to lobster, it was super awesome.
I missed the 12:14 train because I can’t read schedules and was FORCED to go to the bar. 3, $3 mimosa’s later I was having a conversation with a fellow who works on a yacht. He was telling me about how he tried the who traditional work path, go to school, college, get a job, get a wife, have kids, die – But it did not work for him. So he decided to follow an nontraditional path and work on boats which was a passion of his. This really resonated hard with me. I have been plagued with trying to figure out my life recently and considering taking the nontraditional path, seeing someone who was so happy with their choice really meant a lot.

Post post post race:
After my conversation with deck hand man, I realized I had seven minutes to catch my train. A block sprint, and a small fall later I found myself sweaty and slightly intoxicated on the train back home. Today was a super amazing experience for me. Watching people who are are still chasing there dreams despite being at a disadvantage, and having a conversation with someone who clearly is living life for the experience is making me question where I want to go in the future and how I plan to live every second to its fullest.



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