Miles a head, miles behind: week one of marathon training

What was I thinking… Seriously.

Why do we do this to ourselves, we run hundreds of miles over the course of 16 weeks just to prepare ourself a for An event that hopefully lasts less than 4 hours. Last year the Chicago marathon tested my mental and physical strength, why not do it again this year.

After losing the NYC marathon lottery this year I was desperate. I want to complete the 3 big marathons in the US (Boston, Chicago, and NYC) before I turn 30 and not getting NYC in this year, I decided to do something crazy- sign up for Philly. I have lived 40 minutes from Philly most of my life, but never really venture there,until this year. 

It all started with the Broad Street 10miler last year, a flat and fast course I loved every minute of it. That was all I had to compare what the Philly marathon might be like at the time. Since then I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k, and Broad street 10 both in the pouring rain, and I hated every minute of both. So honestly, no, not looking forward to Philly.


This week started my 16 weeks!

Monday started out with a perfect 4 miler. I ran at a park next to my work in PA and got a great time, I also got used as en example of how to run by a boyfriend showing his girlfriend.

Tuesday there’s in a 6 miler. I drove to Belmar and decided to get my run in on the beach. IT WAS GREAT, wind at my face on my way out and wind at my back on the home stretch. Had great pace and felt like I was on the top of the world.

Wednesday brought a 5 and Thursday a 4 all which skated by without anything to rant or rave about.

This morning my “long run” consisted of an 8 miler. Let me tell you, waking up at 6 am on a Saturday, not exactly my idea of fun. The first few miles went fine, 75 degrees with 90% humidity really gets to you after a while. Glad I brought my CamelBak because around mile 5 I was dead. I guess I hit a mini wall and contaplated calling someone to pick me up, not exactly how I wanted my first long run to go. I eventually got over myself and made my way home, battling a nagging ankle pain I limped to the back deck and chugged the rest of my water as I waited for my sweat drenched clothes to dry.
This weeks long run was 7 minutes slower of where I want my time to be. I will need to work on my speed in the upcoming weeks. 

Next week:

I have a fun surprise story for everyone next week, kinda gets personal. 

I will also recap on my training for the week, and maybe review a new fuel I am trying.


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