Week two: The week the heat killed us

It started as a normal summer week, high 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. And then the humidity struck us. Soon we were in the low 90’s with humidity, making us feel like we were swimming and not running. 

The main story his week, I quit my job! 

I was an account manager at a company for three years, however I was traveling 4 hours each day. I decided it was time to go my own way. Without a lead, without a job, I quit. Friday was my last day and it was surprisingly sad. But now I sit home with endless Pinterest recipes and all the time to work out! 

I plan to take these few weeks that I am jobless and get in the best shape ever, hopefully I’ll start lifting, I’ll use my spin bike more and well, duh, I’ll run. 
Marathon training week 2: 

Monday:I was brought back to my high school track for a nice sprinting workout on Monday. 

One mile warm up, 4 200’s, 8 100’s, and a mile cool down. 

I really love sprinting. If I wasn’t aiming for a marathon, I think I would totally become a sprinter. I do want to find a track club or run club around me so I can do more of these workouts. 


My long run took me on me on my favorite trail, Green Lane in Pensburg PA. It was so hot today. Sweet was dripping down my face, the little bit of shade from the trees surrounding the creek were hardly providing any cooling factors. But with a 12 hour trail ultra coming up in two weeks I thought this would benefit me the most. 

Speaking of the ultra don’t worry I already have a great blog post started in my head, “How to run an ultra without training: aka how to die”. 

Wednesday: I thought Tuesday was hot, Wednesday and Thursday rival hell.

Five mile road run with the pavement literally cooking me from the inside out. I was dying, wondering why the entire time I wasn’t running on a treadmill inside (let’s be real, we all know a treadmill is worse).


I caved. Four miles on the treadmill. With the 90-100 degree weather and USA field hockey playing India, inside is where I belonged. I watched the U.S. Field Hockey team play India a few weeks ago at Shady Nook Sports and it was awesome to watch them dominate on the Olympic stage again.


Guilty, I didn’t do anything. Well, can’t say nothing, I made blue Hawaiians and celebrated my last day working in PA, with home made pizza and my family. 

Finally Saturday:Almost don’t want to talk about it. It was so hot, not an ideal day for a long run. I brought my CamelBak and drank the entire thing with a mile left in my run. Let me tell you I am getting super excited for fall.

This run was decent, but I did get a great breakfast after at Playa bowls which was better than my run 😀
Coming up this week

  • Female safety running
  • Running snacks 
  • How board I am being unemployed. 

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