Half Assed and Over Trained

Attention world, I’m ready to admit something, I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE.

Please listen carefully as this is something I typically do not admit, I have over trained. For exactly a month I’ve been too embarrassed to talk about my ultra. Why you ask? It went well, I finished 9 hours and 44 minutes 50 miles. But you want to know what I did the next day… I ran. And the day after that? Ran again. And the weekend, an eleven miler couldn’t hurt could it?

This ultra tested me in ways i did not think was possible

It did. My knee could not keep up, I now have one muscle larger than the other and its pulling my knee cap in an undesirable direction, and it hurts. I also have my hip, which almost sidelined me at the Chicago Marathon last year, being tight and causing pain on my quad. Lucky me.

This past weekend, October 2nd I ran the Jersey Shore half marathon. Two years ago this was my first half marathon, and I’ve only kept momentum from that. I was expecting my best half at this race, the week before I PRed my 10 mile time by a landslide. After mile three and sharp pains all up and down my left leg, I realized finishing would be enough.

Last Weekend PR’ing at the Bronx 10 miler
This course was a down and back course, twice. I saw my mom at the seven mile mark and all I could say to her was “This f**king sucks”, she thought it was great, meanwhile I was dying. The only thing that kept me going was the awesome support group that was there. And by support group I mean random women I met on Instagram. The high fives on the turn arounds, the random shouts of encouragement and the one last push at the end not to give up, and my mom said never to meet people from the Internet. Runner friends are the best, they know exactly how you feel and are ready to give encouragement whenever it is needed.

Tanya really was motivating me, this was her first half marathon after giving birth three months ago! If that’s not inspiring, please don’t talk to me because I don’t know what is. She finished with an AMAZING time after not being able to fully complete a training cycle, and barely sleeping that night. Major kudos to her!

Tanya Finishing Strong
Tanya and I before the Jersey shore half

I finished with the worst time all year, third worst ever. But I finished. I plan to take this week off (okay, I ran three this morning), and come out with no pain for the Staten Island half this weekend. Lets do this, excuse me while I go google how to keep myself sane without running.



  1. I would like to take this moment to say “I told you so”… but I will refrain and instead say “chin up, buttercup!” Give your body a chance to recover and you’ll be back stronger than ever 😉❤️👍🏼


  2. It could be beneficial to go talk to a physical therapist. They can give you stretches to help. I know you hate to seek out help especially from a doctor but it could be worth treating before it gets worse. I understand your pain. I’m currently dealing with a meniscus tear but therapy is helping.


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