Who Run The World: Runners World 5k and 10k

I was not going to do a race recap this weekend because I am embarrassed, but I guess it happens to the best of us so I have to go forward.

For weeks I was looking forward to the Runners World Festival, I signed up for the 5k, 10k and half marathon. Last week after the Staten Island half I wasn’t sure if I should run any of it, but I showed up Saturday morning ready to go with the 5k and 10k.

I called the Bethlehem area home for about 6 years before moving back to Jersey, so I was excited to run with my adopted home town buds one more time. The 5k and 10k both started in front of the steel pub (the ice rink). It was freezing on Saturday morning, 34 degrees, I had on long pants, t-shirt, long sleeve t and a sweatshirt. When I was warming up and getting my packet I fully believed I would run in everything but luckily I made a game time decision to leave my sweatshirt behind.

The 5k wound around the steel plant area, the went over the New Street bridge and around the library hill and back. I forgot my watch so it was really a guess on how fast I was going. Over the bridge and up the hill I felt like I could push so much more, and on the downhill I started to. At about 2.99 my shoe came untied. I lost a lot of momentum, but got back up and sprints to the finish. I was pretty pleased with my 24 minute finish- especially since I had no clue what my pace was.

Between the two race I met up with Aubrey. Over the years we have ran several races together and we typically lose each other in the race and finish together without knowing it, and the 5k was no exception. Aubrey (who is weeks away from the Marine Corp Marathon) ran 3 miles before, a mile in between and then the 10k.

As Aubrey and I lined up for the 10k we decided that we were running this, but not race this… As we lined up for the 6:30 pace. Aubrey and I stuck together for about three miles until I got hill- intimidation. She went on, I dropped back. Up hills were great I feel like I could run them for days, but the downhills left me with a stabbing pain in the left side of my left knee. I really considered stopping, but it was only a 10k, I couldn’t stop. We looped around old side, and back over the bridge to the steel stacks and finished right in front of the arts quest building. It was beautiful, everything. 

I was sore, but not dying and I was looking forward to the half marathon the next morning.

As morning came my 6:30 alarm went off and I couldn’t get up. Couldn’t move. I made a game time decision to not do the half marathon, my first DNS ever.  

This was supposed to be my last official run before the Philadelphia marathon on November 20th, however with these results I’m beginning to think I should do a few more. I’m torn. I did sign up for a 5k on Saturday, which will be my first race as a 26 year old. When did I start getting so old.



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