26 for 26: Preping for the Philly Marathon

It’s official, I’m closer to 30 than 20. When did I get so old?
Each year I try to accomplish every running milestone in a race format before my birthday. When I was 24 I completed a 5k to marathon, during my 25th year I only completed: 5k, 4 mile, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon and 50 miles. I completely skipped 15k, marathon and the 31 mile ultra. I know it sounds silly, but this more than irks me.  

My birthday track workout, complete with my “Run all the miles eat all the tacos” shirt from Sarah Marie Design Studio shirt

For the past month or more I have been having crippling pain in my knees, hips and foot from overtraining, at least that’s what I’m speculating. But during my birthday week, it was like a present from my body, I had very minimal pain.

On Monday I got 8 miles in, they were split up 4 outside and 4 treadmill, but I felt like I could go for days. Tuesday, my birthday, I hit a PR on my 100 meter sprint, then Thursday I did an effortless 5 miles. I feel like I’m finally back to myself, especially after yesterday’s run.

After the Staten Island Half I never wanted to run in the rain again, what did it do Saturday when I wanted to do my long run? Rain. Of course. So Sunday it was. It was windy, blowing 20 plus, but it was beautiful. Sixty degrees and sunny with cotton clouds in the sky. Thanks to the wind my first 5 miles flew by, but as soon as I turned into the wind I knew the next 5 would be a challenge.

First long run of my 26th year

For some reason when I run into wind I can’t breathe right, I end up gasping for air like a fish out of water, it’s probably a site to see. During the duration of running into the wind I kept a steady pace, and something inside me told me not to stop. I felt great, I did not want to ruin this. Finally I turned out of the wind and started my way home with the wind at my back to wrap up my 16 miles. Nothing hurt, I felt great. My legs were tired, but my spirits were up.

I contemplated dropping out of the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20, but after this run I think I might be able to pull it off. It will be slow, and at one point I’ll probably hit the wall, but I think I’m going to stay with it.

26 shouldn’t be that bad, I’ll be starting it off with a marathon and it’s all down hill from there – well except for the uphill parts.


One of the girls I coach made this for me since my nickname is salad… It was too good not to share.

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