Preparing for the worst: count down to Philly

What’s the worst that can happen from under-training for the Philly Marathon? It’s only 26.2, I winged 40 miles after only doing 12 as my longest training run. I mean no one ever died from under-training right? RIGHT!?!?  

Running in Philly
I’m not too far off the mark, I ran 120 miles in October so that has to count for something. I got 18 in this weekend, granted it was in two different runs on two different days but it’s better than nothing. Saturday I ran 10 miles around my house., It was super nice, perfect weather, a little windy. I celebrated the season in Philly Saturday night, sleeping over at my friends sisters house, so I decided to go on a self guided semi marathon tour. I’m not exactly sure how many miles I got in since my app was not working right, but all I have to say is praise the lord Philly is mostly flat! 
It’s crazy my training schedule has me tapering all ready. I think I am going to keep going strong until a week before the marathon, and by strong I just mean maintaining, a could 5, 8 and 3 mile runs during the week and two longer runs on the weekend.   

———- ———- ———- ———– ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- — 

In real life my hockey girls are in playoffs for states. We had our first game in the second round of the state tournament last Saturday. They easily won 3-0. I have never seen so much heart from these girls, they were inspiring to watch. Here they are on the biggest stage of there lives so far and they are having fun and just playing their game. They have the third round tomorrow and if that goes smoothly the final round is on Friday!

Costume #1 Disney tourist
Costume #2 Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man

Halloween came and went. I’m disappointed that I was not able to do any Halloween races! Hopefully next year I’ll find one to do. For going out to parties I was a Disney tourist, I have to say I nailed that costume; high socks, flip flops, Hawaiian shirt and all.  

For Halloween I was the wacky waving inflatable arm tube man, now that was a fun costume. For the past week my parents helped me bring this thing to life, and the looks I got in our Halloween parade yesterday was totally worth it. Although some people did not know what I was (Gumby, wind sock, monster, fish), still it was such a blast.


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