Running on hype: Yup, I’m still training

Three times a year I find myself pumped, okay to clarify it’s not just three times, but three times I feel pumped/inspired/energized. What do these three times have in common? Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and New York City Marathon. There is something about the energy of big marathons that just runs through me. I love it, the fans, the elites the 9 hour runners it’s all inspiring.

This year I planned on going to the New York City Marathon dressed as the wacky waving inflatable arm tube man – however due to potential security problems dressed like that, I stayed home. But it’s okay, I’ll be there next year running my own race.

Fall trail runs are the best!
The marathon energy started early this week for me. I found myself thinking of the 5 borough races I took place in this summer during my runs. Tuesday my treadmill run flew by as passion and progression were on my mind. Wednesday I ran early being fueled by the hype of my hockey girls semi final state game, sadly they lost literally in the last second of the game.

Thursday was my favorite day for running. The low seventy temperature and the changing leaves made for a perfect trail run. During my run all I could think of was handstands, not sure why, but I took several handstand breaks to appease my inner wants. Thanks to time change it will be hard for me to get these midweek trail runs in- I tripped in broad day light I don’t need to trip in pitch darkness.

Now for my long run- Saturday. I sucked at sticking to my plan this year, I’ll be the first one to admit it. I had a plan to 18 this week, and my legs agreed that this would be a good idea. I honestly felt great. But…. Why is there always a but… On Friday I wore boots to school that gave me a blister on my ankle and my running shoe happened to be hitting that. The blister popped and blood soaked my sock. Yeah. I finally got tired of that round mile 15 when I called it quits.

The good news in this is I still felt strong. My legs had energy, I finished and I was not that tired. Sunday morning I woke up and I knew I could have gone harder and longer. But I guess that is good- I know it is in there.

Fueled by the hype of New York City Marathon my training continues, and I’m actually more excited about Philly than I was ever before. Two weeks to go before my second longest race of the year – let’s hope this energy continues.

Super nice day for my long run on Saturday
A big congrats and thank you to everyone that ran the New York City Marathon- you inspire more people than you know!


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