The Art of Recovery: St. Lucia Rest and Recovery Week Recap

It was cold, probably around thirty degrees, light winds and not a cloud in the sky. I looked down, shorts and sneakers, perfect for a run… However this was the first time I was getting on a plane in 3 years and not going on a running vacation. My race schedule was over for the year and it was finally time for some rest and recovery St. Lucia style. 

On Saturday December 3 my family and I arrived at St. Lucia. As soon as we walked into the lobby of our hotel, St. James Club Morgan Bay, we were handed room keys and a rum and punch. Clearly this was my kind of place.

The first few mornings I tried to run outside but it was too confined. I would only have been able to run around the resort, and that was too small. I did run several miles on the treadmill (which were all in the metric system and I couldn’t find my groove). I found myself out of breath quicker too. The air was just so heavy.

The next several days were highlighted with tanning and all inclusive drinks from the bar.
We went kayaking from the beach, which was fun for most, however my Mom did not enjoy my dad and I playing bumper boats.  

The following day my dad, Zach and I went paddle boarding, or should I say I went paddle boarding. My dad lasted 8 minutes, and zach couldn’t stand up on the board. I fell off twice when I hit a boat wake, but I stood it out the rest of the time like a champ.  
The highlight of the trip was the snorkeling for sure. We took the Calypso Cat to two different snorkeling spots. I’ve been snorkeling on multiple islands all around the world, and this was one of the most amazing spots. The first spot was between the Pitons which are the two most photographed “mountains” on the island. It was maybe three feet deep on the side and went to a straight drop off. The variety of fish was amazing, as soon as I put my goggles on I saw a school of cuddle fish, then a group of needle fish, and the schools just kept coming.

A flock of cuddle fish

One of the mates on the boat was in the water with us and he showed us a spot we could dive down to, to see an octopus. HE WAS HUGE! All I saw was a tentacle at first but looking back at my GoPro video I found the head and woah, kinda glad I didn’t see the whole thing.

The second spot was very rough and it was a lot deeper. Here we saw a lot of schools of all kinds of fish, but these fish were much deeper as was the water. It was probably closer to 50 feet in the middle if not more. I saw two Barracuda and managed to take a picture before I swam far and fast away. That snorkeling trip was amazing and I’m glad everyone could enjoy it!

After a week of sun, sand, unlimited food and drink it was time to come home to the cold. And let me tell you I am way too tan for this. This vacation was a good reset for my running cycle. I was able to take it easy for a week, and now that I am back I started a training cycle for the Manhattan United Half Marathon. It was fun while it lasted, but back to reality. 


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