Why The Treadmill Isn’t So Bad*

*For short runs (under 7 miles) 

As the wind chill dips into the negative numbers the thought of running outside is far from anything I’m thinking about. I am lucky enough to have a treadmill at home and sure some days I curse its existence, however if you think about it the treadmill isn’t really that bad, especially for the following reasons.  

1. Your wearing shorts and a t-shirt instead of 9,487,253 layers. Who doesn’t love running practically naked? Leg freedom, arm freedom, sweat flying off of you and all over your living/exercise room. And hey if your at home why not run naked, if that’s what tickles your fancy (I’ll stay clothed).

2. It’s negative ten outside and sixty eight inside. Your getting your beach body ready without suffering in the cold. Who says you have to suffer for that dream body.

3. Netflix. I feel like I don’t have to comment anything else here. I love catching up on Grey’s Anatomy while running, totally distracts me from the world longest minutes, and let’s me take all my pent up disappointment of Meredith’s actions out on something.

4. It takes away excuses. Nah, I’m not going to run its to cold out. What do you mean, it’s 68 in the house, get your butt on there and get it done.

5. It makes excuses. Nope, can’t clean the house today. I’ll probably way too tired after my run.

6. Makes friends with other people. Omg you have a treadmill, isn’t it the worst? But at the same time, like we can run so I guess it’s the best. Let’s be BFFs and run together when it gets warmer out too! Sound like a plan?!? Great! I can’t wait for spring!

Next time you want to kick your treadmill out the window just remember all the good things it does for you. And that’s all without including the clothes rack it can double as for some people. 

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