The Post of Recaps: 2016 and the Asbury Park Polar Bear Races

Did you blink? 2016 just flew right by did you even see it? Did you even stop to smell the roses? I know I did not, whoa, what a fast year. Does anyone have any exciting plans for 2017? What is your most daring goal? Let me know!!!

Highlights of 2016

2016 was a banner year for me. I raced the New York Road Runners circuit, and qualified for the New York City Marathon 2017 which was my biggest goal in 2016.

In 2016 I…

Ran my first 40 mile Ultra

1 Marathon

6 half Marathons

Broad Street 10 Miler

(1) 15Ks

(3) 10Ks

(1) 5Miler

Placed in 2 of the 3 5k’s that I ran

Moved back home to Jersey


2016 was a building year for me, I was not going out hoping to place, I was going out hoping to learn and build. Which I did. I did not place as much as I did in 2015 but I ran more races, I made more friends, I had more fun.

Goals for 2017 –

2017 is definitely going to be a race year and I am going out to win. I learned a lot this previous year, and I have been working on speed since the day after the Philly Marathon. I am incorporating more body weight workouts and (slowly) getting my diet right.


  1. BQ at TCS NYC Marathon
  2. Drop my half marathon time
  3. Constant sub 20 5k
  4. Never forget while I started running and they joy it brings me
  5. From failures, mistakes, wins and friends.


Recap on the Asbury Park Polar Bear Races


This year was the 53rd running of this race, and by how it was run you would have never of guessed. It was a cold and windy morning at the Jersey Shore, with winds blowing mph out of the southeast, temps were in the low 40, but man did it feel cold.

There was three events going on, a 5 mile walk, 10 mile race-walk, and the main 5k event. The 5k was the last of the events, and was slated to start at 12pm… well the event staff was a little short staffed. I felt bad for them and really wanted to ask if there was anything I could do to help.

The line to pick up your bib was out the door (literally, it went out of the Asbury Park convention center) and the line for the same day registration was almost as long. They ran out of shirts before I got there, and I think they ran out of medals too.

While the races was slated to get started at 12, it was announced at 11:30 that it would be pushed back to a 12:15 start, and then after “announcements” that were not audible, this was pushed back even more to around 12:20.

The course was two laps, you ran just about a quarter of a mile out, turned around came back to the convention center, and then did the same thing again. I do have to say, it was dead on 3.11 miles. As we started we were running directly into the wind, I started aiming for a 6 something pace, quickly got gassed due to the wind. After the first turn around the wind was at our back and I was able to hit my pace to complete the first loop, but when I turned for the second, ugh, I didn’t want to. My body was cramping up, my arms hurt, my feet were numb, but I pushed it out. Into the wind I think my pace dropped to an 8:30 if not more, and to top it off I had this girl drafting off me the entire time. She had the loudest breathing and if I stopped short for any reason she would have ran me right over (this is rude, if you’re not racing in the Olympics please don’t do this *Personal Opinion*).

At the final turn around with the wind at my back, I just let lose, let my legs run, the wind pushing me along, it felt great. There was another racer, a guy I didn’t get his name, he had a great push towards the finish. I told him great push and he said to stay with him. Man I tried, but he was fast, and I was tired, next time man, next time!

Over all it was a flat and fast board walk 5k with a great turn out of people. Got to meet a fellow Instagramer who runs almost all the same races but we’ve actually never met, so that was awesome! I am pleased with my result, I wish I could have pushed it a little more, but it was a great end to 2016, and I can’t wait to see what this New Year brings!






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