So, You Want To Start Running in 2017

Happy New Year, so this year you want to be a runner, cool cool, that’s something I can get on board with. But you need to know a few things before you start. It’s going to be hard, you’re going to want to quit, you might lose a toe nail, but in the end its worth it I promise. Here is a few bullets I put together while I was running to help you.

1. Forget what you look like. You will sweat, you will giggle, it will be ugly, but you know what,  you’re running. Throw your appearance out the window, empress no one but yourself.

2. Get off on the Right Foot. I’m not saying this because I work in a running store, I’m saying this because it’s true. You need a good pair of sneakers in order to run. If you don’t you will never learn to enjoy running because you’ll be sidelined with injuries.

3. Learn the correct form. Hips, spine, neck aligned and straight as possible. Keep your feet light and a smile on your face.

4. Start one mile at a time. No one runs marathon as there first run (except Barney on How I Met Your Mother). Start with a mile and build up as you can from there.

5. Find a kick ass playlist, or audio book or something that will help pass the time easier while you are running, it helps, I promise.

6. Don’t be afraid to walk. I still take walking breaks, its fine, as long as you keep going you are still moving towards your goal.

7. Find a support group. Instagram was my first running support group, I watched people change their life in such a positive way that I got inspired and decided to try it for myself. Connecting with people who are in the same boat as you, or have started in the same boat as you makes it easier to continue.

8. Stay positive. It’s a slow and steady process but in the end you’ll feel more happy, energized, and amazed at what you can do. 


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