Grey’s Anatomy Spin class (which can double as a drinking game)

Hi my name is Lauren and I’m obsessed with Greys Anatomy (thanks Eryn). Seriously when we started watching this why was there no warning that this would consume every second of my life. 

Anyways, since I am only on season 4 and I got a hell of a ways to go to finish the series I’ve started getting creative with my watching habits: running, yoga (very distracting), workouts, and knitting. But recently I made a comment on Instagram that I should make a spin workout to the episodes, since I was watching Greys while on the bike. So I decided to try and develope a spin class that kind of works like a drinking game.

First of all I want to clarify my positions.

  1. Position one will be a seated flat position- sitting on the saddle hands in position one as well
  2. Position two is a standing run position, out of the saddle standing up hands in position two (wide hold towards the perpendicular part of the handle)
  3. Position three is butt back, hovering just over the saddle. Core strong and shoulders back, arms at the end of the handle forearms parallel with it, but not leaning all of your weight on your arms.

Let’s start!!!! 

  • To begin warm up in position one until the opening panel is displayed. Keep it easy, sure you’re missing a lot of drama but it’s better to warm up then go into a hill climb right away and pull something.

The next parts are where the “drinking games” come in. I will give a scenario that happens, and during the time the scene is on you are to do what is under that situation. If there is no situation, or nothing has appeared yet, you should be in position one. 

  • When a beeper goes off- get into position two until the person gets to whoever called them.
  • Someone cries- steady hill incline until the end of the scene- if people are crying due to a death or relationship issues do the designated position for that.
  • Hook up in the hospital – key word in the hospital. Hover in position 3 until the trist is over.
  • Hook up outside of the hospital – seated climb. Start on level 6, gradually increase resistance until hook up is over. 
  • Every time a pregnant girl is on the screen- standing climb – increase resistance every 15 seconds
  • Whenever someone cries over a relationship- standing sprint in position 2- run away from the problems. 
  • Someone dies- position 2 hill climb going until you can not take any more intensity. 
  • A doctor is drunk – jog in position 2
  • When a hospital member is admitted –steady level 8 intensity until they are off screen. Repeat every time they come on screen.
  • Mass casualties- hover in position 3 every time the scene is featured, or they are in the trauma room with victims of a catastrophic event. (Example ferry boat crash)
  • Someone is shirtless- position one moderate intensity
  • “You’re my person” – position 2 climb until you can not take anymore.

That’s it! Not too bad right? Now go out there and bindge watch until you can’t feel your quads!! Do it for Meredith! Remember once your done this can double as a drinking game! Just take the amount of sips that correspond to the position- oh, but don’t drink through the entire opening. 


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