Why Training for a Half Marathon is the Best

From one mile to 40 mile races, I’ve done my share of training. I’ve spent a 6 hour run training for an Ultra, I’ve spent 5 minutes sprinting a mile. Everyone has there preferred distance to train for, but I can tell you why training for a half is the best kind of training.

  1. Variation of training runs keep you entertained. You have track days, tempo days, hill (hell) days,  recovery run days, cross training days, fartlek days… the list goes on. You’re not going to run one kind of training run, you’ll run several, so you can really get to know what you like, what you hate and what makes you go DAMNNNNNN.


2. The longest training run is just over 13.1 – If you are supper aggressive. If it is your first half, your training might only be 10 miles. That’s super easy and totally doesn’t suck, unlike the 20+ marathon training miles.

3. You totally earned pizza and beer. If you do a 10 mile training run that is like, 1,000 calories.  An entire pizza is around 1,200 calories. so you are 200 in the positive for the day sounds good to me!


4. You do not have to commit a full day on the weekend to your long run. If you train for an ultra you have to run hours at a time, I’m not talking 1 or 2, I’m talking 6-8 depending on your distance, and you have to run both days! I’ll stick to the half.

5. Or if you want an excuse to be lazy, you just ran 10 miles – relax the day away. You earned it, sit pool side and sip a margarita. Training is hard.


6. You can brag to your friends that your Just running a half marathon. Sure, I could totally run a full, but well, I’m lazy and only running 13.1 miles while you lay and bed all morning and think about all the things you should be doing.

7. You get all the benefits of running a marathon, with out the extra 13.1. Awesome race pictures, check. Amazing swag, check. Bragging rites, double check. why would you go any further?




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