Now Accepting Runing Buddy Applications! 

“Don’t stop…self don’t stop… legs don’t do it… anddddddd were walking, great.”

All answers can be submitted to

Have you ever had these conversations with yourself? I had one today. You know when you just want someone there to push you? Tell you not to stop, be your motivation to keep going, I need one of those.  

Take it from a chronic lone runner, sometimes the road can be long and quiet. Sometimes at mile 8 you need someone saying, “hey only 10 more miles today! Let’s pick up the pace!” Or sometimes you just need the motivation of a brunch date after the workout.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like running alone. I like discovering myself, finding how hard I can push, and singing along to “born to run” with no judgments. But days when it’s super humid, super hot, cold, or days when my legs are lazy, having the energy of another person is something I long for. I already do a group run on Thursday’s, I just need someone for my track workout and my long run. That’s not too much to ask right?

How does one acquire a running buddy? Do they just stumble upon one? Grow up with them? Put a help wanted out? So while I look in real life, please get a laugh out of my help wanted sign and make sure you thank your running buddy, cause some people can’t acquire one to save there lives. 

Till next time,


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