How to not be “That Guy” at a race: AKA how to not piss off everyone around you at a race

Everyone knows “that guy” at races. The one who walks around bragging, or maybe the one that just pushed you over for a spot in front, or maybe even the one whose bib is pinned on his back, but he will surely place in his age group today. I finally got fed up with those guys that I had to make some suggestions on how not to be, “That Guy”



1. Get to the race on time. Okay, so sometimes I run late too, okay twice this year I ran late, buttttt if I am too late I go to the end of the race. NEVER try to sneak into your corral or a higher up coral if you are late. Chances are the race is chipped time so it will not matter anyways. Breathe.

giphy (4)


2. Don’t pin your bib to your back, that’s just silly. I know, on the front is such a weird concept, but there is always one at every race. Look around… do you see anyone else with it pinned to their back. How will you get your awkward race pictures!?!?! Please, turn it around.




3. If you never ran a 6 minute mile in your life, don’t line up in that corral. If you plan on walking the entire race please go to the back of the line ups. Recently at the Belmar 5 race I heard a couple say, “Well if we are too slow you can go around us” yes we can, but you pose a hazard for other runners around us too. Suddenly a runner may have to stop short causing the person behind them to stop short, basically causing a giant pile up of runners who couldn’t stop quickly enough just because you were too stubborn and head strong to do what you were supposed to.


giphy (7)

4.  Don’t use your friends bib, and or bandit a race. Please, don’t do it. Sign up on your own, get in on your own, and don’t even get me started if it is a qualifying race.



giphy (8).gif

5. Don’t abruptly stop to take mid race selfies when people are running behind you. Asbury Park Half marathon, the girl in front of me stopped and asked me to take a picture of her… Um, what. Sorry sweetie, I’m trying to get under a 1:45 finish time. Getting back to mid race selfies, if you are going to do one make sure you maintain your pace, or move over to the side.



giphy (9).gif

6. If you are going to stop, or start walking, check behind you and move to the side. I HAVE RAN OVER SO MANY PEOPLE, I AM NOT EVEN SORRY. #SORRYNOTSORRY



giphy (10)

7. Please don’t sing along to whatever is playing in your headphones. “AND IIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” yeah, no. This was also an Asbury Park Half Marathon complaint.




8. Don’t make negative comments when people pass you. We are all in this together. Comments about weight, race, pace anything other than “good job buddy” are unacceptable during a race.




9. Don’t cross the line holding hands with 12 people. Red rover red rover, you can bet I’m coming over. Some people behind you are trying to make PR’s and you are just blocking them from accomplishing their goals, congratulations you are a horrible person.



giphy (11).gif

10. Don’t leave your garbage around. Cups during the race are one thing. This might not be your town, or city, but chances are the people who live here don’t want to be picking up your granola bar wrappers. Don’t be trash.


So next time at your race please follow these 12 simple steps and maybe, just maybe we can be friends. But be warned, if you are obnoxious, I will call you out in the rudest way possible. Try me. 🙂



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