27th Birthday Bragging Rights

Today I am 9855 days old,  324 months or more more commonly put, today I am 27 years old. At the ripe old age of 27 I have now been running consistently for 6 years and doing races for 4. I wish I could say I am where I want to be, but I still want to get faster, and I am slowly getting there.

From a girl who completed almost every competition distance (under ultras) before the age of 25, I have to say I am pretty pleased with what I’ve completed on my 26th year on earth. Running really became a predominant factor in my life this year, I mean it always has been, but after working strictly at a running store this summer I have fell in love with the entire life style.

As I turn 27, or as my student called it, my grandmother years, I look forward to working harder than ever before. Which I know I have said before, but this year I have accountability for it.

Please enjoy my list of things I’ve done and list of things I hope to do.

Things I have done:

img_1585Wasatch Mountain Ragnar

First Dulathlon

Bought my first road bike

Coached amazing field hockey and softball teams

Ran all 5 NYC boroughs


Placed at a 50K img_0854

learned more about running than ever before working at the Running Company

img_1580Ran 20 miles with people Ive never met before

Got my first DNF/DQ

Hiked places I’ve never been, alone.

Made friends

img_1583Ran Boston’s 5k and 10k

Became an ambassador for two AMAZING teams


Ran the Philadelphia Marathon

Had fun, kicked butt and came back for more.

Things I plan to do while I’m 27

Boston Qualify in May

Run Zion Ragnar as an Ultra Team

Spend time out west training

Run NYC Marathon

Do my first Tri

Continue having fun!



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