New Year, New me… That’s What They All Say.

2017 Goals:

Learn how to fly.

Stay in one piece.


Complete a short triathlon.

Have more self-confidence.

Decide if I like my job.

Spend less money (Duh).


It’s here!!! Beware of the gyms, hide the protein, the resolutioners are coming!!! I’m talking about those girls that say “NEW YEAR NEW ME!” in a declarative scream before taking a shot in a bar, who go to the gym for all of a week before deciding that it smells funny and its too much of an inconvenience. Just for clarification, I am not that girl. Sure I like shots, and I agree that most gyms smell funny, but I am also a girl who likes a challenge. Unlike the girls that make resolutions over drinks at the bar, this year for me will be different, I have already started.

Quick Recap of 2017

2017 was an AMAZING year despite a few setbacks.

It started slow, both literally and figuratively.  I was overwhelmed with work commitments and I could not train how I wanted. I struggled all spring to run under a 2 hour half marathon, I did consistently but it was not easy.

On May 7 I PRed my 10 mile at the Broad Street Run, it was fantastic and I thought it was going to be the start of good things for early summer. Two weeks later I struggled to finish the Brooklyn Half due to digestion issues.

I did win my age group in my first duathlon which was an amazing experience. After doing the sprint I did not even feel challenged and I plan on doing something a little different for 2018.

In June I ran my first Ragnar which set the tone for the rest of the year. The Ragnar through the Wasatch Back Mountains in Utah was more than I could ever have hoped for. I met so many great people who are fueling my sense of adventure for 2018. The Ragnar really sparked me and gave me energy to finish out my year strong, and this was only in June.

Fall racing kicked off on September 4 with the Labor Pains ultra where I placed for the 50k. However I rolled my ankle, which turned into the fracture which would haunt me for the rest of the fall. Due to pain I struggled to finish the Staten Island half, but ended up PRing my 10k at the Runners World Festival at the end of October.

Then the fun started. November 5 was the NYC marathon  it was the most amazing experience. I  had very low hopes for finishing the marathon. My last training run was cut short due to my ankle THROBBING. I was telling my friends that my goal time was 4 hours 12 minutes, but my safety goal was 4 hours 20 minutes…  I missed both in the best way possible because I finished at 4 hours 5 minutes 22 seconds.

A week later in my marathon depression I decided to run the Philadelphia Marathon as well. I almost walked of course at mile 14 because my ankle was in so much pain. I didn’t but it was not easy but I finished in 4 hours 7 seconds. I learned a lot about myself in those 2 marathons, and I have a lot more to give.


Only hours stand between us and 2018, and to me that is terrifying. This new year I will need to make some changes. Sure I sound like a resolutioner, but I already have a head start. With how I ended 2017 I am ready to start fresh in 2018.

First thing first, I want to PR my half marathon. I’m currently looking to run around a 1 hour 45, which is plausible, but I would have to run my best race. I have run several races around the 8 minute pace I would have to keep, so I am not too worried. I’ll have quite a few half’s coming up to accomplish this in (Manhattan Half, United Airlines Half, Asbury Park Half).

May will be a busy month for me. I am really excited to meet up with Casey, Isaac and Kalee again to run the Zion Ragnar as an Ultra. And a week after that, I was smart enough to plan my marathon where I plan to try my hand at BQing (Race for the Red). Most of my spring will be made up of training for this one race which will hopefully lead to something magical.

Then keeping my busy May schedule, a week after the marathon I will be doing my first Tri. I signed up for this on a whim, a very alcohol induced whim, but I believe as long as I keep swimming and biking as cross training the Hammington Tri should be a piece of cake.

July I plan on going on some sort of adventure. Seattle for a month, or maybe Denver, or Salt Lake City, have not quite decided but I plan on trying something new. Hopefully wherever this adventure takes me I get some good training in. Also at the end of July I plan on doing the San Francisco Marathon, but for fun, not time.

After my July Marathon, it will be time to start training for the Chicago Marathon in October. I still might defer this Marathon, but I have not decided at this time. Then after Chicago I plan to take it easy again until the NYC Marathon in November, and two weeks after that Philly Marathon again…. whoops.

So that is my 2018 game plan. If it isn’t obvious my #1 goal is to BQ. However I might have planned 4 too many marathons. I am looking forward to getting faster and training with a purpose. I also can not wait to make new friends and do longer runs with more people.

To a fast and healthy 2018,



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  1. Love this!!! It’s going to be a great year to race and try new things!!! You know it’s funny – Ragnar 2017 really changed things for me too – like flipped some switch I didn’t know I had last year.
    Can’t wait for our Zion adventure and more to come in 2018!! AND can’t wait for your first tri 🙂


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