Summer Come Back: an apology letter to my long lost love.

Dear Summer,

You were right. To the question you posed in the beginning of fall I undoubtedly admit that you were right.  Just as the humidity began to lift and the crispness crept across my sun kissed legs, I scoffed in your face.

“No! I wont miss you Summer.” I laughed and mocked you, “I will never miss the heat, or the sticky feeling right after a run. How could I miss being drenched in sweat?”

I was wrong. As my life is taken by the chaos and bitterness of Winter I long for you again. Your touch is unlike any other. Walking outside, just before sunrise feeling you at your purest. As the sun rose you warmed my skin and left me, as well as the sky, kissed and blushing.

You brought me flowers and colors unlike any before you, but I miss you for more than just the gifts. I miss your personality and how you become upset and cry in the middle of the day. While your tears might have been sadness, I loved to dance in the spontaneity of these storms. Even in the darkest of times, you never gave me the cold shoulder longer than I deserved it.

Sometimes you made it hard to breathe. When we ran together you nearly killed me, you dragged me along, you taunted me, but I do forgive you. Sure you weren’t always ideal, you made me get so heated that I almost passed out on several occasions, but it was nothing the ocean couldn’t solve.  Even at your worst temper-tantrum there was always a way to cool us down and make it better between us.

Summer, you treated me unlike anyone else could. Even on the bad days we could still take our daily runs together outside, and sometimes those would be the best. Some of my fondest memories are from running through the storms, stomping in the puddles, tempting the lightning. Sure maybe it wasn’t the safest decision, but it was something that we loved doing together.

I was wrong. To the question you posed in the beginning of fall, I was wrong.

“Will you miss me?” you whispered as the crisp fall air began to steal your life. I scoffed in your face and shouted no as loud as I could. I was wrong. Please forgive me Summer. Please take me back to those days when it was just you, me and miles of asphalt at 5am. I promise I will never take you for granted again.

I love you,


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