Why Run-Cations are the Best!

Running through who knows where is the best! Don’t take this the wrong way, getting lost on a run sucks. Being stuck on an unknown trail, in the middle of the woods, with no cell phone reception, while the day quickly turns into dusk, with animals creeping in on every side, and weird sounds now getting closer… That’s more of a horror movie than a good run. The best lost, is a run-cation lost, exploring the highlights of the city that are best explored by foot.

In the middle of February I decided to immerse myself in the city of Seattle and Washington state.  I planned to do it in the only way I know how, a run-cation!! At first I had two races planned, the Fragrance Lake half and the Lord Hill 20 miler, however less than a week before I left, a plane crashed on the Fragrance Lake course cancelling the race. which was perfect (well probably not for the plane), I had more time to explore!

I flew in on a Friday morning, leaving my house at 2:30am and arriving in Seattle at 9am! Time zones are awesome. As soon as I landed, I was scooped up and driven to Nuun headquarters. Here we met up with Nuun employees, as well as some friends I met during the Ragnar, and started on a runch! It was great to see my teammates again, but it was also great to see highlights of the city! We got to run up parks, down streets, around trees and explore more than we would be able to if we were just driving around! It was a blast!

The following day since Fragrance lake was cancelled, Casey, myself and his trusty dog Arroyo, explored Bellingham and the surrounding trails. It was amazing, as an East Coaster on the West Coast, our trails are immensely different,  It almost looked like someone vacuumed the trails! Nature was so neat, tidy and GREEN! Bellingham was an amazing experience, I loved the water views, the trails surrounding the city, and all the shops and breweries that the city had to offer. But I couldn’t enjoy it too much.

The next day, just outside of Everrett Washington Casey and I ran the Lord Hill races. He did the 50k, while Arroyo and I ran the 20 miler. The morning of the race, while we were getting ready, it started to snow. After a solid 15 minutes, we had almost over an inch of snow! The snow made everything very pretty, however it made the mountain we had to climb up slippery and treacherous. The course was beautiful, apparently like all trails in Washington. The trees, ferns and ever changing nature kept me going for twenty miles. After words we explored Snohomis, stopping for a fantastic brunch before heading to Seattle.

When Casey and I arrived in Seattle we were exhausted from running, but mustered up the energy to go for pizza and drinks with Kalee and Issac. The drinks and seeing our teammates was fantastical, but being so exhausted from the day we fell asleep. The next morning it would have been perfect to go on a run exploring Seattles waterfront… however I was out of running clothes, after exploring Brooks headquarters I could have bought some, but after racking up over 30 miles that weekend I thought I deserved a break.

We walked Seattle’s gasworks park, before walking to Brooks headquarters then going back to downtown Seattle to explore the market. Again, amazing barely describes it. The views from Seattle of Olympic National Park, and Mount Rainier was fantastic! I wouldn’t have wanted to explore Washington any other way!!!


Top 5 Reasons Run-Cations are the Best

  1. Packing is SUPER EASY! just your favorite running clothes… nothing too crazy.
    angry eyes
  2. You get to explore parts of the city you cant see by car.
    car ride.gif
  3. Meeting local runners will point you to the best trails/ views/ streets to get a taste of local flair.
    running friends
  5. You find the BEST views.


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