What to do when you have a bad race: Broad Street Run edition

The saying goes, “You win some you lose some.” I’ve lost more than I won so I believe I am qualified to give this speech, and coincidentally I had a bad race yesterday so lets do this.

You are a mile into the race, maybe two. You’ve been training for this, or maybe you’ve been training for something bigger. This race should be a walk in the park, a piece of cake, easy peasey lemon squeezy; but in fact its turning out to be a walk through hell, a piece of arsenic, and difficult difficult lemon difficult.  Your legs are heavy and you don’t have that push you were looking for. Maybe your stomach is tossing and turning and the next porta potty cant come quick enough. Or does the heat/ humidity have you weighed down? Whatever the case, this is a normal part of running, not every race can be perfect but what do you do once you realize this race isnt going to hit your A, B or C goals.

1. First and foremost, don’t give up – Sure I watched my A goal and B goal slowly slip away but what I didn’t notice is if I went 20 seconds faster I would have hit my C goal.

2.Recognize all the good – Okay its not your race but your hair is flawless, your outfit is on point and your hydration plan is relatively effective.

3. Cheer on others to their best race – You had your shot, and hey maybe you’ll pull in with your C goal, maybe you wont. But don’t let that stop you from cheering on others around you. Tutu man? You go tutu man.

4. Smile – Never underestimate the power of putting a smile on your face. It psychologically tricks you to think that you are happier which could turn your entire race around.

5. Give high fives to everyone – You’re doing great! You’re doing awesome! Thanks for cheering! Nice hair!

6. If all else fails, blast some music and dance to the finish – maybe just do this in your headphones, but trust me everyone around you will get a kick of your crazy dance moves.

7. No matter what don’t get down on yourself, you at least showed up.



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