What I learned spending summer in Truckee/Tahoe

As soon as I stepped out of the car in Truckee back in June it smelled like a pine tree  air freshener. I breathed in deeply. Man, was this different than the pollution, smog, and air filled with heavy humidity that I was used to from the east coast. I have now been in Truckee/Tahoe for a month and over this time I have learned a lot, and more than it just smells like Christmas 24/7.


  1. It is always sunny in California.
    Move over Philadelphia, because it is not always sunny there. The first day I arrived in Truckee it was sunny 85 degrees with very low humidity. The next day, the same thing, day after that… same thing. Copy and paste each day right after another and that is the weather. Except for the one day it was cloudy until 1pm. That day they thought the world was ending.

    GO for a hike, you’re not you when you’ve been cooped up inside all day

2.  Employers want you to have a life.
I took a job at Northstar for the summer working in a kids clothing store. On my first day I was asked to write down my non work goals for the summer and how Northstar could help me achieve these goals. Um What. I thought it was a trick I was never asked to write down personal goals, only goals on how I could help the company. It was bizarre. img_79123. The trail systems are amazing.
Move over Green Lane Reservoir, get out of here Clayton Park. Lets welcome in my newest favorite running trail Tahoe Rim Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Seriously these trails look like someone goes through and makes sure every piece of dirt and rock are in place each day. I’ve only had to climb over a fallen tree during a race (and that kind of added to the race), and the views from every trail are breath taking. img_73774. There are more lakes than just Tahoe.
I don’t mean to say “just Tahoe”, that lake has more nooks and crannies than anyone could ever explore, but there are lakes everywhere you turn. Lets see if I can name some: Donner Lake, Watson Lake, Bowman Lake, Lake Spaulding, Lake Mary, French Lake, Meadow Lake, Fordyce Lake, Boca Reservoir, Stampede Reservoir, Fallen Leaf Lake, Spooner lake… there are no shortages.

5. They love there Avacados. 
I swear I saw an option somewhere to have guac on Mac and Cheese. I didn’t get it, but avocados are a substantial part of every meal, and in most places, no img_7365guac is not extra.img_7561






  1. Mexican food is almost the only food. 
    The first place I ate at here in Truckee was an Ice Cream Place (Little Truckee Ice Cream), on Mondays and Fridays they serve $2 tacos from 11-3. HELLO THIS PLACE IS THE BEST! img_7658
  2. Almost everyone is Athletic, even if they don’t look it.
    On July 4th we hiked a peak to overlook the entire lake and see the fireworks all around it. The people we went with looked like they never set foot outside. But low and behold these people hike and struggled up the same 9,000 foot elevation that I did without complaining. seriously I might have complained more than them. Sure they cracked some tequila once they got up there, but hey whatever it takes. Speaking of Tequlia… img_7579
  3. Alcohol is a way of life. 
    With at least 10 different breweries in the Tahoe area how could you not have a beer after work. I’ve heard it been called the Tahoe way of life, cracking a cold one and sitting near a lake, sounds perfect to me.
  4. You are constantly bleeding from something.
    This was an unexpected find for me. I guess when you spend your entire days outside for weeks on end your bound to take a spill or two. When I first arrived in the area I was constantly getting scratches from hiking around different plants and trees but now I swear my skin has gotten tougher from being out so much.
  5. The mountain sunsets are amazing.
    I’ve seen sunsets over the water, rolling hills, fields of wheat and corn, but a mountain sunset is really amazing. Such color and depth, next to the contrast of these stark mountains. It really is a beautiful sight.



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