The Rut

“Ugh I guess I’ll go run” I let our a sigh.

“I mean you don’t have to run, its not life or death.”

“But it kind of is, if I don’t train I won’t survive the NYC Marathon again.” I fought back.

“But if its such a pain, why don’t you just take a year off?”


Running lately has been hard. Okay, let me rephrase, running is always hard but more in the recent months. In August I came back from California to the rainy humid weather of New Jersey, but the rain and heat was not the worst of it. In California I ran trails every single day, often a new trail almost every day, but in New Jersey I was back to running the same roads that I grew up on. In addition to the mundane running routes, I had to work almost every day, and coaching started. I was a pertinently exhausted pigeon.

It’s been hard to get runs in

A few weeks have gone by my hockey season is in full swing, however my training is not. In August I made the decision to drop out of the Chicago Marathon shortly after I fell apart at mile 23 of the San Francisco Marathon. With my training even less than it was in California, now comes the decision to stay in the New York City Marathon, or back out.

Pros to dropping out:

  • Stop stressing over lack of training
  • Can watch Desi win
  • I can dress up as the wack waving inflatable arm flailing tube man and cheer on the race
  • Can run the marathon next year with the right amount(ish) of training
  • wouldn’t have to worry about beating my time from last year

Cons to dropping out:

  • I have to pay to run again
  • I already plan on running Chicago next year
  • I would miss the opportunity to run with Shalane, Desi, Allie Kieffer and Stephanie Bruce

Clearly you can see my frustration. I am however signed up to run Blues Cruise 50k on October 7th. Yes the same day as Chicago. Yes I dropped out of Chicago because I’m not in shape enough for it. Yes I signed up for a race that is a longer distance. Yes I realize this makes 0 sense. Am I going to do it anyway? Yup.

Finishing NYC last year

Running lately has been hard. I want to do it, but after seeing the trails in California and then coming home, I’ve been feeling homesick for somewhere other than my home. Running the same roads that I have run all my life have made me want to not go out at all  I hope that not running a marathon this year (other than Philly cause I run it every year and I already hate it)  will refresh my look on running. But only time will tell.

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  1. Dude it’s been the exact same for me since Oregon.. and I was only there for a week so I can’t imagine how much worse it must be for you. Hope you figure out how to get yourself loving running again!


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