Back on Track

Highs in the 40, colorful leaves either falling or littering the ground all around me, this is fun. With a smile on my face, I’m back.

The rut lasted a bit longer than I thought it would. Literally tore me apart every day too. Running  is who I am and what I identify with, without it I was lost, hopeless and confused.

I felt guilty that I was taking time off. Guilty every day when I looked out the window and decided not to run. Guilty that I was telling people at the running company that I was a runner when I wasn’t running. I was starting to get FOMO when the NYC marathon rolled around, but it was curbed by pacing the Princeton Half Marathon and after running the half I knew there was no way I could survive a marathon at the time. After finding time to catch up on some TV shows, do my nails, read a few books it was time. I started running for fun. I liked it. I got a coach. It snowed.

I love running in the snow, everything about it, its so much fun. When I went out last week in 5 inches of snow to run I knew that I would come back more determined. Running in a different atmosphere, an environment changer, always leaves me wanting more.

So I’m back. With a coach, with a plan, determined. Lets Do this.

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