Counting Down to Dirtbag Season

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of dirtbag: Noun, Slang, a dirty, unkempt, or contemptible person, synonym: swine. My definition: A person who makes the most out of nature while running and exploring a remote area and probably forgets to shower a little too often. And a synonym, awesome. I like my definition better.

*I am not affiliated  with while they seem like an amazing group of people all these thoughts are my own, although I do really want one of there hats.*

In 3 weeks I will be embarking on another summer adventure of a lifetime. July 16-August 12 I will be living out of a trailer based in Truckee/Tahoe CA.

“But wait Lauren, isnt that what you did last year.”

Congrats, you caught me. The smell of fresh pine trees and wildflowers is calling me back for another year. Im not done on the Tahoe Rim Trail, and I have yet to go north on the PCT trail. Clearly I still have more work to do.

Besides for being a dirtbag in Tahoe/Truckee itself I also plan to take a few trips.

We will be visiting the greater Seattle area the last week of July for the Jack and Jill marathon/Half Marathon. I am currently signed up for the Marathon, but considering my longest run since April has been 10 miles, I might switch to the half.

After the race (of whatever distance I end up running) we will slowly make our way back to Truckee making stops at Portland, Mt. Hood, Bend (I want to move there eventually) and Crater Lake just to name a few. These are places that have been on my bucket list which I am so stoked that I will be able to check off!

Somewhere in the Tahoe Forrest ’18

Then we will take a week off of camping/traveling/trail running (yeah right, I’ll still be trail running) then head down to Yosemite for a whatever comes our way trip! This is another place that I have always wanted to go. Last year when the Ferguson fire raged through parts of Yosemite I was checking daily to make sure it was still there! I do not want to miss the opportunity to visit such a serene place.

“Okay, so Lauren,” you start “Where is this post going other than you  bragging about your awesome summer?”

I am almost embarrassed to ask, but should I vlog, or start a Youtube channel based on this adventure? Last year I took sooooo much video and did not do anything with it? Would y’all be interested to see what I do everyday and what these trails and places look like? Should I update my GoPro? I currently have a session, but do you think I should upgrade to something a bit bigger?

Leg me know! I look forward to hearing your input… or lack there of, therefore I will take it as one big shut the hell up Lauren, and will just continue with my business.





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