It’s a go for Chicago!

One week from today I will walk off the plane and be in Chicago for the second time in my life. 

4 years ago (2015) the Chicago Marathon was my first marathon. I poured everything into training. Long runs in the heat, over working my IT bands, over stretching my IT bands, everything! I was so proud to be running my first marathon, so excited so full of nieve hope and joy. I ran a 4:22 and it was the most magical thing on earth.

Fast forward to 2018. I decided that after the bar crawl of the San Francisco marathon I never wanted to run another marathon. I was so tired, beaten down from under training and depressed from leaving Tahoe, that I decided to defer my entry for both Chicago and NYC Marathons, because I’ll be in better shape next year. 

2019 *Looks left and right*  Shit, I was supposed to get in shape? Well it’s 2019, I can’t defer my marathon again I guess I’ll just have to “run” it. 

My training has been less than perfect. My coach and I went through a rough breakup and I was dealing with a lot of mental abuse during my training cycle. This resulted in me “rebelling” and not doing my full long runs which gave me 16 miles as my longest training run. 

Long story short, it’s not going to be pretty. My goal is to beat my 4:22:15. I’m pretty confident that I can beat that and the great city of Chicago will lift me up if I need encouragement along the way. I have experience with running marathons (this will be my 12th marathon or longer) I will rely on that experience to get me through and the promise of beer at the finish line. 

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