It’s up to you New York, New York: NYC Marathon Recap

“If I can make it there I’m gonna make it anywhere. It’s up to you, New York, New York” As Frank Sanatra rang out from the starting line speakers tears rolled down my cheeks, I used my neon green and pink gloves to wipe them away. These were not tears of sadness, it’s the freakin NYC Marathon! People dream of this race and I was lucky enough to run it twice in 3 years. These were tears of gratitude, well at least for now.


On October 13 I ran the Chicago Marathon… Then why was I here picking up my bib for The New York City Marathon less than three weeks later? 

“You’re cheating the system!” Someone told me at one of the booths I was visiting, “You should not be allowed to run 2 of the greatest US marathons in the same year, let alone the same months. It’s not fair to anyone else.”

Well maybe I am crazier than the average, so I deserved it. I actually spoke to many people who ran both. I could sense that we are indeed all crazy. 

Friday night I picked up my bib and met up with my coworker from the running store that was running in part of Team Achilles. This was her 15th NYC and she was excited. Along with picking up my bib I also picked a New Balance sweatshirt and t-shirt. After a subway ride with my first connecting train I also got a new Tiffanys NYC marathon pendant for this year’s race. 

Less than 24 hours later I was on a train from Hamilton Station back to New York City. I met up with Kurt, a friend and fellow runner from Princeton who walked me to the expo chatting about the Marathon the entire time. I assured him I was ready and more excited than anything! He told me that he’d be watching my every move and I told him how creepy that sounded. But when we got to the expo I had to let him go because I had a recovery session booked with Nuun! 

“Wait what kind of recovery session does Nuun do?”

Okay, okay, I worded that wrong. Nuun booked us a session at ReCOVER NYC. This place located at 360 7th ave was amazing! They have so many toys! From Normatec Boots, to infrared saunas, CVAC machines, and NuCalm we were bound to get recovered and relaxed somehow! I was signed up for the Normatec boots and the Infrared Sauna. The boots, as always, were great. Around 40 minutes of air squeezing greatness (I really got to get myself a pair of these). I also did the infrared sauna because there is nothing I love more than 150 degrees of dry heat!!! I was so warm, it was awesome! 

Post relaxation I took the subway to my hotel for the night which was a 2 bedroom suite at the Wellington Hotel… it was great until I realized how haunted it was. Random knocks on walls which had no humans on the other side, the elevator stopping at random floors and going up and down in no order and the bathroom door opening and closing on its own multiple times. I slept great. 

Waking up at 4:30am to catch a 5:30am bus to Staten Island was surprisingly easy thanks to time change. And it was surprisingly warm out, thanks to about 4 layers of clothing! Finding and getting on the bus at the NY public library was also a breez. We ended up getting dropped off on Staten Island at 7am an hour and a half later than last time! The sun was already up! It was fantastic! I found a spot in blue corral, basically set up a camp (3 heat sheats, 2 blankets, 2 pairs of shoes, multiple sweatshirts, extra socks, 2 bagels and 3 magazines) – I got a sunburn.

Around 9:40 I was called to get into my corral… I procrastinated a bit until the last call. But when I did get in there, I was able to get my last stop at the porta potty and shed my clothes all before we started moving! When the cannon fired I was crying. I love this race so much. Everything about it. 

I made my way over the Verrazano bridge. 

I was sweating

I went down the other side way too fast. 

I continued through brooklyn, also way too fast. 

My predicted finish time was a PR and a  BQ.

High fives were being given to everyone who held their hand out. 

I was having the time of my life. 

Until I was not. 

My stomach started feeling weird. 

I was getting heartburn. 

My throat was on fire. 

I threw up.

I threw up again. 

And again. 

And again. 

We entered 1st ave. I got sick. 

I saw my parents, I put on a happy face. 

We started entering The Bronx I was sick for the last time.

And still I persisted. 

5th ave hill into the park did not break me.

I kept my head held high. 

I finished.

Not with a PR. 

Not with a BQ. 

But a course record by 10 minutes. 


It hurt. I guess I went out to fast and angered something in my stomach. I threw up more than I am proud of on course. I could not keep anything down, my nutrition, hydration, nothing. It was horrible. But I persisted and I found myself at the finish line. 

I was in so much pain walking to get my poncho. I knew if I sat down I would not be able to get up, so that kept me walking. I took the subway 13 blocks down to columbus circle. It was the best idea ever. I found my parents and it was clear they were not sure if they should be excited that I course PRed or sad that I did not overall PR… I was just so tired and  wanted to be warm. But yes. I was happy. 

We walked back to the hotel where I was able to change and get warmer. At that moment someone walked by with a pizza and everything was better because I noticed how hungry I was. We drove out of NYC and sitting in the back of my moms car with my stomach growling, I could not wait to run the marathon again. 

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